Reps with Rachael

Welcome to the NEW & IMPROVED Reps with Rachael Program

An 8-WEEK Virtual Program designed to help you build lean muscle while burning fat and improving your overall fitness level. 

This program kicks off on December 1, 2020 and will be run in four week intervals to allow for individualized

attention for each client.

Program is accessible to all fitness levels and will include progressions and regressions as necessary.

Program Includes:

  1. Two LIVE Strength Training Sessions per week (schedule below)

  2. Three Personalized Strength Training Sessions delivered through the Trainerize app

  3. Daily Accountability via a Private FB Group led by Rachael Novello

  4. Weekly Homework

  5. Complete Meal Plan with Recipes, Shopping List & Macros


Monday: LIVE Legs & Abs (40 mins) - 6:00am EST

Tuesday: Chest & Triceps (30 mins)

Wednesday: Rest 

Thursday: Shoulders (30 mins)

Friday: LIVE Back & Biceps (40 mins) - 6:00am EST

Saturday: Rest

Sunday: Full Body (30 mins)


Dumbbells (various weights)

Medicine Ball (or pillow)

Mini Loop Bands

Step / Box / Bench / StrongBoard

Danvers, MA 01923

T: 978-766-8287

© 2020 by RKNovello

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